BYE Negativity Smoke Cleansing Ritual Kit

BYE Negativity Smoke Cleansing Ritual Kit

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Rid a space of negativity and manifest your intentions with our BYE Negativity Smoke Cleansing Smudge Kit—created by hand with mystical ethnobotanical adornments honored by indigenous cultures as sacred medicinal remedies.

Smoke cleansing: An ancient incense burning practice especially helpful for channeling inner peace, clearing mental space, and inviting balance after negative energy or disagreements. Helps usher in calm after a storm.


•  6"x 4” Hand carved wooden keepsake box

•  4"- 5” Native California sage stick bouquet created with organic lavender

•  Peruvian artisanal Palo Santo Stick

•  2-3” Abalone shell

•  Cluster amethyst crystals

•  1 oz. bag of sand

•  Set of mini taper candles

•  1 Black feather

•  1 Dried floral bouquet of seasonal flowers 


• WHITE SAGE: Wards off negative energy + purifies the atmosphere when burned

• ORGANIC LAVENDER: Brings in good energy + peace to your space

• PALO SANTO STICK: Invites in love + kindness when burned, so be ready.

• ABALONE SHELL: The smolder holder! Safe resting place for your smudge stick.

• AMETHYST CLUSTER: Brings you protection, clarity of the mind, + aids in your spiritual growth. 

• BLACK SAND: Top off your Abalone shell with this sand to control heat + catch ashes.

• TAPER CANDLE: To light your smudge + Palo Santo sticks.

• FEATHER: Waft, fancy way of saying dispel, smudge smoke throughout your space.

• FLORAL BOUQUET: Non-toxic flowers to be used as incense or decor.

WHAT YOU’RE BURNING: Your kit will feature sustainably harvested Palo Santo sticks from trees on the coasts of South America, and Baja California-grown white sage harvested from a First Nations tribe credited for creating smudge sticks for over 300 years. Please note that although sage smoke helps cleanse bacteria from the air, its scent can be strong. Make sure to keep a window or two open while smudging.

Each Liv Rocks Smudge kit is packaged with recycled materials + charged with loving intention. Everything in our Kit (including the hand-carved box) comes directly from nature where small imperfections signify life, authenticity, and survival which makes them even more beautiful. So like all of us, you can expect some flaws in their presentation. Makes you feel a little better, right? 

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