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Liv Rocks is a mother-daughter owned and operated, California based wellness brand, alchemizing today’s healing crystals + smudging needs with ancient ritual traditions.

New to crystals? So were we. We've created the best crystal shop for beginners. Our healing crystal online shop boasts products that are a curated collection of nature's bounty + found beauty. As a wholesale sage distributor, crystals + metaphysical brand we ethically source Earth's gems from all over the globe.

Shop our ethically sourced bulk metaphysical crystal healing products, chakra stones, meditation home decor, pendulums, sage smudge bundles + more at wholesale prices that will make your soul happy.  To learn more about our ethical mining and growing please click here.


In 2017 Liv, then 9 years old, started bringing crystals and pocket stones to children in her classroom. Why? She herself was obsessed with rocks + crystals and always had a crystal or stone in her pocket. When she shared her fave pocket stones with her friends she found that it helped them them feel less anxious or they were able to rub the stone AND complete an assignment. As word got around more parents (and kids) wanted crystal sets, minerals and assorted rocks so organically Liv Rocks was born.

We now offer crystals, rocks, ethically sourced sage, home decor + unique metaphysical products for your home + office.

Thanks for supporting a KIDpreneur and I hope you love all the pieces, sets, accessories and jewelry that my shop offers.

X O,

L I V  R O C K S

Liv Rocks Founder


 Liv Rocks crystals and home decor