Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks
Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks
Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks
Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks
Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks
Crystal Collection - Love Set - Liv Rocks + Cute Face Masks

Crystal Collection - Love Set

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Looking for textured sensory rocks or want a unique gift for your child? Crystal Collection Sets, smooth & pocketable stones that work wonders for children with sensory processing disorders or even ones that need a little reminder of mom or dad throughout the day. An easy way to send off you little one to school, have them give a unique gift to a friend in need of positivity and happiness.

My crystal collection sets are created to promote friendship and love; lessen the worry and take a stand against bullying! Liv Rocks Crystal Sets of rocks + gems includes one Large Agate slice stone in hot pink (natural variations will occur) paired with an Amethyst Crystal, Pink Quartz Heart Stone (You can also choose other Heart Stone choices in my other listings) and elegant polished tumbled stones. (Total of 5 rocks/gems/stones in the bag)

This Set of Friendship + LOVE Rocks Includes:
Pink Quartz Heart Stone - Rose quartz is known as the stone of love, promoting unconditional love + friendship. I love this one and thing it's a perfect stone to include in the LOVE set for parents to get for their kids or other children can share with their friends. The Rose Quartz Heart is a perfect size to keep in your pockets and feel the smooth texture to calm your mind.

Amethyst Gem - Amethyst promotes inner peace, spiritual awareness and it is a healer of the mind, body and soul. This is wonderful to help during school + with paying attention in class.

Oversized Sliced Agate Stone - I added this beautiful stone because it guards against all dangers, gives strength and victory your endeavors. Since all my sets have a meaning this one is great for anti-bullying and worrying.

Smoky Quartz - Feeling a little bad or negative? This stone removes negative energy and helps increase positive vibes and feelings!

I choose the 5th Stone/Crystal when the bags are made and it may be any of my assorted tumbled stones which may include but is not limited to AGATE for abundance, generosity, CITRINE to promote happiness + pleasure.

Each natural burlap bag is tied off perfectly with an accented gold charm that I handpicked for each set. The charms are a real 925 dipped gold with stamping and you can also use it to turn into a necklace (I also sell changes and leather necklaces it)

A B O U T M E (Liv Rocks)

When you're 10 and your parents own their own business the next logical thing for you to do is start your own shop, right? Well, for me that's what I did! I am OBSESSED with crystals, rocks, gems, geodes & polishing them, making them into jewelry and designing cute headbands and accessories for kids. Researching how rocks were formed or where the rocks and stones came from is so much fun, I love it. But I also love to collect and buy new rocks, gems, and stones. This means having money but I'm a kid! So in order for me to have money I needed to have a way to earn it that was a little more fun than doing chores!

With the help of my parents, I decided I wanted to start MY own business to earn my own money. Since my parents are entrepreneurs like me they helped me start doing what I LOVE to do, play (I mean "work") with jewels, stones and designing cute accessories for other girls like me.

Another reason why I wanted to start my own shop is that I like to make people happy & smile. I know that rocks, gems, and crystals make other kids happy too. I came up with the idea to create sets of my favorite agates, crystals, and gems so that each of the sets has a special meaning and positive energy. Each set has a positive meaning that I came up with in hopes to help children that may get worried, are sad, need positive energy or just love the calming feeling of rubbing a smooth stone in your pocket during school.

Thanks for supporting a KIDpreneur and I hope you love all the pieces, sets, accessories and jewelry that my shop offers.

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