Retailers selling fabric face masks that are worth buying

Please expect approximately 1-2 weeks for delivery. 


Due to an overwhelming response to our fabulous face masks we are currently experiencing delays in production. Please have patience as we work to get your face masks made and out to you. We understand the importance and critical need for you to have the masks and we do NOT take that lightly. 


Please order your favorite colors and/or prints as shown however colors and fabrics will change as we move through our fabric supplies, so we cannot guarantee specific colors for orders at this time. We will always ship you as close to our exactly what you ordered.  At this time your safety, not fashion style, is critical to ALL and we will prioritize shipping over waiting for fabrics that may be delayed.


If you would like to purchase in bulk or request a donation, please reach out to us at: This email is for wholesale only. 


This is a personal use product and cannot be returned. 


As a small business, we’re asking you, our community, to help fund our mask making operation to continue to make this effort possible: When you buy a mask, you are supporting the production of two masks – one for you and one that we will donate to those working on our front lines — and all others who are putting their lives on the line for us every day and need the best masks possible to help them stay safe.