Where to Buy Ethically Grown Sage

Where to Buy Ethically Grown Sage? Liv Rocks Based in Northern CA is a supplier of ethically grown sage + smudges.

Salvia apiana, often referred to as California White Sage, is a large perennial desert plant. It grows in spiky clusters in sandier soils, often in foothill areas of southern California and down into Mexico. Its name comes from the leaves, which have a grey-green tinge to them when fresh and which turn a greyish white when dried.

In the wild, white sage can often grow to heights of six feet tall and many feet in diameter. Its long stems come from a central root mass and last throughout one growing season before drying and dying back. As a desert plant, it likes hot, dry conditions.

It’s become a popular choice for people who are opting for lower-water gardens, and can be easily incorporated amongst other low-water plants for good effect. If you’re trying to conserve water, this might be the perfect plant for you!

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Liv Rocks proudly sources our white sage directly from its natural habitat, in the mountain regions around California. Our California sage plants grow on hundreds of acres of private property where many different plants grow and wild animals roam.  The land is quite beautiful, with quartz and even gold still scattered in the grounds.

The plants that grow here are perfectly natural and have always grown here.  Various flowers and other sage plants all seemingly grow together around the same areas. 

These plants are not over harvested (when too much is taken from a plant, crop or species it can damage that species and make it difficult to recover).  The owners and workers are highly knowledgeable about the various plants that grow here and are extremely careful not to harm the plants when they are picking. 

The pickers are extremely careful not to take too much from any plant, only the top flower from the stalk.  This way the plant does not stress, it gives the lower flowers time to grow out and this also helps with spreading seeds in the area where more sage will grow (see picture below!).

The ground was littered with tiny new white sage plants! This is absolutely wonderful - picking our white sage and other sage plants literally spreads more seeds and produces more sage plants.  This is absolutely the definition of sustainable harvesting.  The ground is perfectly natural and the absolute best location for these types of plants to grow naturally.  Lots of sun, excellent draining soil and not too much rain.

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We could not be more pleased with the family who owns and manages this land.  Sincere, generous, kind and caring don't even begin to describe the people here.  There are well over 100 local families who are supported by this single family's business and we can not speak highly enough of them and what they do.  

These plants are very sacred to many people.  We believe that giving these plants to all people helps improve well being and it does not harm nature in the process, in fact it helps! 

Thanks for supported and choosing Liv Rocks' sage.