What is “Smudging? And Why do we smoke cleanse?

What is “Smudging?”

Smudging, or more correctly known as “smoke clearing” or an “incense blessing,” is both a spiritual practice and a general term for such smoky rituals. The word “smudging” has become popularized in recent years but it originally comes from Native American religious practices in the USA. However, using different kinds of aromatic smoke for energy clearing is a global practice in many cultures. Incense has been used since 2345-2494 BC with its first recorded use during the Egyptian Fifth Dynasty.

Depending on location and traditions, these smoky rituals can range from burning a juniper leaf in Scotland or Tibet, to burning a tiny chip of wonderful- smelling wood in a Kōdō appreciation ceremony in Japan. The Roman Catholic Church burn incense to symbolise prayers rising to heaven and the Indian,

Why do we smoke cleanse?

Our physical eyes can’t perceive the invisible toxins and disturbing energies that are hanging around in our home or our physical body, but very often our soul can sense it. Ever been into a home and just felt a bad vibe? That’s your sixth sense telling you something isn’t quite right. Energy can build up in a space much like a gas leak and when opening up the windows isn’t enough then a smoke cleanse is the perfect way to dispel those toxins and bad vibes.

Smoke cleansing can be used in various settings and for different purposes, here we explore a few examples:

◊ Home
◊ Workshops & Classes

◊ Rituals & Ceremonies

◊ Crystals
◊ Aura Reset

At home, smoke cleansing can range from a very therapeutic little ritual to an elaborate undertaking when you have some seriously nasty vibes in your home and you need to call the metaphysical ghostbusters. It can really help you not only to refresh the energy in your home but also your thinking. The act of smoke cleansing itself provides you with a mini-meditation, a point of inflection to mentally make a change, cast out negative energy and welcome in a fresh new vibration. It is excellent in banishing negative energies, spirits and general bad vibes and lifting the vibrations to provide a more tranquil, positive energy-filled space. Mother-in-law just visited and left a trail of gloom - smoke cleanse that shit.

Workshops & Classes

If you attend a Yoga class, sound bathing session or meditation workshop you may find the leader has already performed a smoke cleanse with Sage or Palo Santo to ensure the room has been cleared of stagnant energy and refreshed with the right vibes for their work. The right vibrations in the room can mean the difference between a positive or negative experience for the attendees

so this can be a vital pre-class ritual to ensure everybody gets the most from the session.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Many cultures have spiritual practices that include performing smoke clearing or incense burning. They do this to clear energy, invite specific energy or spirits in, keep energies grounded, send prayers to the spirit realm, or as an offering to a deity. You can create your own sacred space by burning your favorite herbs, smudging, playing sound bowls or drums to ritually cleanse and create a sacred space. You may declare your space sacred once you have finished smudging.