Top 10 Healing Crystal Cut Shapes + Their Meanings

Your guide to crystal shapes and their metaphysical properties.

Top 10 cut crystal shapes and their properties:


  1. Spheres


As the name suggests these are round, globe-shaped crystals. They emit energy gently in all directions and crystal spheres are often used to fill space with clearing or positive energy, scrying and meditations.


 sphere crystals

  1. Cubes


Cube-shaped crystals are very grounding shapes. They connect us to the earth and while most are cut there are natural cubic crystals found in nature such as Pyrite. For the ultimate use of cubes place four, one in each corner of a room to protect and energize the space.

 pyramid crystals

  1. Pyramids


From the Pyramids in Egypt to the US dollar bill, pyramids hold a lot of mystery and power. They are a symbol in Sacred Geometry and crystal pyramids are used to focus and amplify energy through their points. They are excellent for manifesting your intentions by transmitting them into the universe, sending questions into the cosmos, and as the centerpiece of power-enhancing crystal grids.

 wholesale towers

  1. Towers/Points


These can be tall (towers) or short (points) and are generally used to amplify intentions. Crystal towers focus the energy of the crystal which you can then direct. They are great for intention setting and channelling energy.


  1. Generator Towers


Generator crystals are specifically cut crystal towers with 6 equal sides which taper to a point. They are the battery of the crystal world, used to recharge other crystals and jewelry as well as amplify the power of other crystals.


  1. Meditation Stones/ Palm Stones


These have been cut into rounded, organic or elliptical shapes, then polished smooth so that they fit well into your hand. Palm stones are used for meditation and crystal healing, allowing you to experience the true nature of the crystal’s energy.


 crystal wands

  1. Wands


Crystal wands are very popular energy working tools. They are usually rounded down the shaft with a pointed tip and are often used for crystal healing rituals or opening and closing energy circles. One of the most popular is the Selenite crystal wand as it can also be used to cleanse and reprogram other crystals. Most crystal wands have a single point but there are also multi-faceted double terminated crystal wands:


Double terminated crystals are found in nature but are rare and often expensive. Crystals such as Clear Quartz and Fluorite are sometimes hand-carved into faceted double terminated crystal wands but this is a tricky process with many breaking during the carving or polishing stages making them one of the more expensive cut crystals. These wands are very special as they balance spirit and physical elements, they can transmit and receive energy simultaneously making them ideal for use with crystal grids, creating an energy vortex and allowing the energy to be channelled bi-directionally. They are frequently used by crystal healers as a tool for extracting negative energy and replacing it with the appropriate healing energy.

 crystal eggs wholesale rocks

  1. Eggs


The embodiment of fertility, healing and balance, crystal eggs are great in a family home to provide stability and positive energy. They are often carved in a way to display a crystal’s unique, natural patternation making them excellent display pieces for first-time collectors.


  1. Hearts

Represent deep loving energy (obviously). Crystal hearts hold a lot of power and can fill a large space with their vibrations. Hold them tight to connect with loved ones and meditate with a heart-shaped crystal to open your Heart Chakra. These make very thoughtful gifts for loved ones, helping you reach across time and space to heal and connect.


  1. Freeform


Enhancing the natural beauty of a crystal, lapidary artists hand carve and polish crystals into freeform sculptures which flow with the crystal’s energy and highlight their natural beauty. These are usually large in size and are ideal on a mantlepiece, bookshelf or by a window, allowing the vibrations of the crystal to permeate the entire room. Beautiful to behold these are fast becoming the go-to crystal form for interior designers.