How Do You Cleanse a New Home with Sage?

Did you just buy a new home? Maybe had a change of energy in your home that needs a reset? Cleansing a home with sage may seem like a weird thing for hippies but it is gaining popularity in homes all across the US. In the US rituals like cleansing with sage or Palo Santo are new but they have roots in traditions for thousands of years. While sage and metaphysical practices often get a bad rap, there is actually serious history and science to back up this ritual.  Burning sage as a method to cleansing and purification dates back to prehistoric times.  Over the course of history, the woody herb has been used to treat everything from snakebites to infertility.

It turns out that our ancestors faith in sage was not unfounded.  Modern research has demonstrated that certain medicinal smoke, such as sage, reduces airborne bacteria, meaning that this practice has a very real application to new home owners and dwellers of smog ridden cities alike (LA and London, I’m looking at you!).  In addition to it’s medicinal and cleansing properties, sage is also used to help people heal from emotional and physical trauma, is known to assist in chakra balancing, and is shown to increase relaxation, aiding in deeper meditation.  With this many benefits, what do you have to lose by giving sage a try?


  1. Prepare Your Materials – It is best to create a sense of ceremony when cleansing a new home.  Gather your materials – sage, something to light it with, and a heat-proof burning surface like an Abolone Shell or a pan.
  2. Open All Doors and Windows – Before you light your sage, open all doors and windows so the unwanted energy you’re trying to clear has somewhere to go.  This is also to keep the smoke from settling in your home.
  3. Light Your Sage – When you’re ready to light your sage, hold your smudge stick at approximately a 45-degree angle.  Light your sage, allowing it to burn for about 30 seconds before gently blowing out the flame so it smolders.
  4. Bless Yourself – This step is optional but, at the beginning of your ceremony, you may find that you want to bless yourself.  Once your smudge stick is smoldering, direct the smoke waves around your body, beginning with your head and working down towards your feet.  Breathe deeply while doing this, focusing on cleansing your body of negative energy.
  5. Bless Your Home – You are now ready to begin cleansing your new home.  Begin at your front door and move clockwise around your house.  Gently wave your smoking smudge stick in the air, focusing additional time on corners.  Take care to smudge the interior of your closets and often forgotten spaces like basements, garages, and laundry rooms.  You want to get smoke into every corner of your house.  As you sage, you may wish to say a blessing such as, “Air, fire, water, earth.  Cleanse, dismiss, dispel.”  
  6. Gently Extinguish Your Sage – Returning to where you began and gently put out your smudge stick, either by letting it smolder out or by applying pressure to the tip.

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